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rick making honey

About the Owner

Rick Reault

Rick Reault is the owner and operator of New England Beekeeping, Carlisle Honey, and Honeybound Meadery. Rick has been keeping bees for 20 years. We are a small commercial beekeeping company, enjoying our 10th year of business. Our company runs 500 hives located in Central and Eastern Massachusetts as well as Southern New Hampshire and Vermont. New England Beekeeping provides strong hives for successful pollination to local growers. Our hives are managed and maintained in New England and do not travel South. Although our winters are challenging for honeybees, our bees are hardy and have a high success rate of overwintering. When Springtime arrives, our bees are full of energy and ready to work the early blossoms. This allows us, as beekeepers, to stay fairly close to home year-round.


Rick has been enjoying teaching the art of beekeeping to new beekeepers for 15 years. Our classes have been taught through Acton-Boxborough Adult Education and Tyngsboro Recreation Department, and Codman Farm in Lincoln. Rick has also has been and continues to be an instructor with the Essex County Beekeepers at the Topsfield Fairgrounds.